Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gimp Video Tutorial - How to use gimp to create a logo

In this Gimp video tutorial I teach you how to use gimp to create a logo.  
First, make sure you have seen these Gimp Tutorials:
Gimp Video Tutorial - Layers
Gimp Video Tutorial - Layer mask
Free Gimp eBook - Photo-Editing Principles The site using this logo can be found here.


  1. Thanks bro your tutorials are amazing & you are very smart "Layer mask" What a good idea keep going bro Good Luck

  2. Need Help please in the last step of layer mask when i select all And iclick delete i dont get the white render of anroid why ?

  3. Often times people will unknowingly forget to switch to their layer instead of their layer mask when they're modifying an image. Make sure you click on the preview image of the actual android layer in your layers dockable dialog before clicking delete.

  4. Thanks Alex you are really a talented gimper good luck :D

  5. Thank you very much. I'm happy to help.

  6. ANAX (From Y! Answers)January 5, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    That looks really good. The only thing is that it's a single color image that you're working with. The image that I'm having that problem with is a 2D cartoon Character, but it's got lots of colors. It does have a black outline though. How exactly would this affect my ability to use this strategy you feature here?
    Also, what if my image DOESN'T have a black outline, like a 3D cartoon character?

  7. Well Anax, since the edge is colored black, you could use this same method as a starting point. The black outline would give you a "buffer" so that you can effectively fill the rest of the inside black in your layer mask...make sense?

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  9. Great post about using gimp . Thanks you so much .

  10. I'm inspire to see this tutorial .


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