My Gimp Tools

There are a number of tools that I use when editing photos with gimp.  I rely heavily on these tools, and highly recommend that everyone who wants to learn how to edit photos with gimp should look at some of these tools.

1.) Great Gimp Books
Finding a great gimp book for reference will give you a foundational understanding on gimp's tools.  This is very important because some Gimp tutorials will teach you bad habits. If you have general knowledge about Gimp and the tools before you look at a tutorial, you will be able to pick out some of these bad habits the gimp tutorial is teaching, and will be able to use the better method in it's place.  Fortunately, I have already found the best gimp books on Amazon, and listed them for you here: Best Gimp Books


2.) Wacom Tablets
The Wacom Tablet is a pen and pad that turns your computer into a digital canvas.  They're pressure sensitive.  If you draw on the pad lightly, your digital brush stroke will become light, and transparent.  If you press hard, your digital brush stroke will become dark, and opaque.  This gives you A LOT of extra photo-editing power.  Using the wacom tablet, you're ability to create layer masks gets so much easier because you have a natural feel, and control.  If you happen to be into digital art, this is as good as it gets.  Drawing on a tablet like you draw on paper makes using gimp a lot easier, and fun!  Check out this video of someone using a Wacom Tablet:

There are several different Wacom Tablets, varying in price from well under 100 dollars to hundreds of dollars.  I created a list of all of the Wacom Tablets, and you can see them here: All about Wacom Tablets

3.) Raw-Shooting Camera
In my Gimp Zombie Tutorial, I show you how to isolate my face from the background using the Gimp UFRaw extension to edit my RAW-formatted photo.  This process was a lot harder to do with a JPG photo because a A RAW-formatted photo has a lot more information in it, and that transfers over to your photo-editing power.  There's a lot more information about the benefits of shooting raw in this post, or if you'd rather - you can simply check out my list of affordable raw-shooting cameras here:  Affordable Raw-shooting cameras


Wacom Tablet

In my Gimp Tutorials, I frequently use Wacom Tablets. Here is an awesome wacom tablet I recommend using.
A Wacom tablet will enhance your GIMP photo editing experience by offering a pressure-sensitive touch that translates to varying transparency when making brush strokes in GIMP.

Gimp Reference Manual

I highly recommend getting this Gimp book to use as a reference manual in conjunction with my tutorials. This book will explain how the tools I use work. My tutorials will give you practical applications for the tools shown in this book.