Monday, April 9, 2012

How To Use Gimp For Beginners Lesson 6 - Layer Modes

This gimp video tutorial touches base on a very powerful tool that if used properly can really improve on your photo editing. Layer modes allow you to dynamically change how your image appears by modifying how the layers underneath look.

Click here for the layer mask script I mentioned.

More gimp tutorials on layer modes:

How to make a Zombie Using Gimp.

My gimp zombie tutorial is an extensive lesson that uses several layer modes using both textures and simple colors.

How to use Gimp to convert color to black and white (selective Colorization):

This is the lesson that I talked about in the gimp video tutorial above when I mentioned selective colorization.

How To Make The Girl Cold and Scary Using Gimp.

A lot of this gimp tutorial focuses on using layer modes to modify eyes.

Photo Touch Up Using Gimp 101.

This Gimp tutorial talks about how layer modes can be used in a more practical fashion to enhance your images.

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Wacom Tablet

In my Gimp Tutorials, I frequently use Wacom Tablets. Here is an awesome wacom tablet I recommend using.
A Wacom tablet will enhance your GIMP photo editing experience by offering a pressure-sensitive touch that translates to varying transparency when making brush strokes in GIMP.

Gimp Reference Manual

I highly recommend getting this Gimp book to use as a reference manual in conjunction with my tutorials. This book will explain how the tools I use work. My tutorials will give you practical applications for the tools shown in this book.