Friday, March 2, 2012

Gimp Video Tutorial - How To Use Gimp To Crop in Bulk

Script File: This Gimp video tutorial teaches you how to open several images and crop them down in an efficient manner. Related Tutorials: How To use gimp for beginners - Layers and Selections


  1. Alex... Love your tutorials. However, I hope you realize that there are some of us that are on Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux. So your instructions aren't the same for us. It's a bit more complicated to add scripts and plug-ins.

    1. Yes Jerry I do realize that. Unfortunately I had to show this for some operating system, and since I was running windows I went with it. I should have clarified that in the video.

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  3. Thank you! Everything works very well.
    For Linux users, you have to put script file into the folder /home/your_user_name/.gimp-2.6/scripts
    Folder .gimp-2.6 is hidden, so go to the View menu and check Show Hidden Files.

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  5. Thanks to showing such tutorial with us .

  6. I'm very glad to see this gimp video tutorial .

  7. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard

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