Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roughing Edges In - Quick Gimp Tutorial

This quick Gimp video tutorial will show you how to "rough in edges" using Gimp. Related Tutorial: Layer Masks Using Gimp


  1. Excellent tutorials . everyone'll benefit to see this tutorial .

  2. Hey all,
    This video tutorial create by a profesional designer .


Wacom Tablet

In my Gimp Tutorials, I frequently use Wacom Tablets. Here is an awesome wacom tablet I recommend using.
A Wacom tablet will enhance your GIMP photo editing experience by offering a pressure-sensitive touch that translates to varying transparency when making brush strokes in GIMP.

Gimp Reference Manual

I highly recommend getting this Gimp book to use as a reference manual in conjunction with my tutorials. This book will explain how the tools I use work. My tutorials will give you practical applications for the tools shown in this book.